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Newcomers to the Club -- For Your Information, Access to the Members List is restricted to the members of the Club. A member can gain access by emailing for login instructions.

Appreciation Letter from Falls Mill -- with an Offer

Janie Lovett wrote to thank the Club for the donation and announced that Falls Mill is re-establishing the Artisan of the Month program. She also offered an opportunity for members to demonstrate their craft at the Mill.  For details look at the letter at this link.

We’ve had several items sent to us recently suggesting that the Club be informed via a blast email or website Home page.  There are three points of information for Club members to remember.  First: We have the website Home page for non-time critical items.  Second: We have blast emails for items of a more time critical nature.  Third: We have a Forum to enable ANY club member to post articles they wish to share.

Business items that belong on the Home page are welcome and Loyd will post them usually within a day.  Send an email to

Some things are more or less timely and Chuck will blast them in a timely fashion to all Club members with email addresses.  Chuck’s email is in the Member list or send an email to .

The Forum is available for any member on the Club’s Member List to use.  Anyone can read the Forum at any time.  Members can post any item [that follow a few basic rules – posted on the Forum] on the Forum by logging in with their user name and password.  If you find that you do not have log in credentials send an email to requesting them.  We will typically respond within a few hours.

Stolen plans: Update!! The Club's & my email addresses are now getting SPAM from the individual noted in Curtis Buchanan's email below!!

We all understand that when someone creates a design and does the hard work of proving its worth, that person has the right to expect that others respect his intellectual property to that design.  Here is an email from a well known chair maker whose rights appear to have been abused.  We post it here for your consideration.  Use your usual good judgment in following the links in the email. 

From: Curtis Buchanan <>
Date: June 4, 2015 at 1:33:40 PM CDT
Subject: pirated plans

I have been made aware that my comb back plans are for sale on a wood working scam site.
This fellow evidently just copies anything he can puts it all on a CD as "16,000" plans and sells them.
I'm not concerned that it will hurt my sales in anyway, his site is a mess. But since I think that all his material is stolen, he should be exposed for what he is. Spread the word if you feel the same way I do. I'm sure some of you already know of this fellow. There is a lot out there on him. If you want to see some of it, click on the link below.

Keep on the sunny side, Curtis

Opportunity for a club member

I recently moved to Chattanooga and I was wondering if there was anyone at the Tennessee Valley Woodworks who would be willing to provide me with wood blocks for my weavings. I would like all my sources to be local and thought you all might be the people to ask. The blocks are usually between 5-9" tall, 4-6" wide, and 2-4" deep and are a variety of species of wood. Do you know anyone who can help me? 
Thank you so much for your time.  Contact Mary Hamby at:


Exchange opportunities

New entries in the list.  Click here for Tools available   submitted by members -- Keep an eye on this link.  There are updates often. Note: The listing service is available to members only, but anyone can purchase these items.  Just contact the seller.

Participation in Club communications

If you have photos to include in the Gallery or if you have written an article you want posted send to

Volunteer Mentors for Club Members

  • Design -- Tom Cowan
  • Turning -- Doyle McConnell
  • Sharpening -- Bob Reese
  • Finishing -- Jack Kincella
  • Carving -- Harry May
  • Joinery -- Ross Roepke

 To contact any of these folks look at the Member list in the link above.


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